AmbaSat-1 Kits available

We have a limited number of AmbaSat-1 Kits available in the online store. Our local AmbaSat-1 production supplier, Mowden, has been busy assembling AmbaSat-1 mainboards and a range of sensors. Next week there is a big event coming up in the UK and we’ll be posting more details on this soon. There are three new […]

Backer Update – September


Hi All, As ever it’s been a busy few weeks so let’s get straight into the update: AMBASAT-1 ASSEMBLED Last month we shipped a first small batch of assembled AmbaSat-1s. They are taking longer to assemble and test than anticipated but we are getting through them. As with the kits, we are working through the […]

First assembled Sensor 06s

We just received the first assembled sensor 06 (UV) boards and will begin mounting these to the main AmbaSat-1 board and testing shortly. Sensor 06 is AmbaSat-1’s UV Sensor – The Si1132 is a low-power, ultraviolet (UV) index, and ambient light sensor with I2C digital interface and programmable-event interrupt output. This sensor IC includes an […]

Backer Update: August, Progress and Shipping

It’s been a very busy few weeks but as always, we’ve been working hard to deliver AmbaSat kits. We also have some exciting news related to an Amazon deal, new office space and new recruitment opportunities. Please see the AmbaSat blog for more details. However, we’ll keep this update specific to backers, as follows: AMBASAT-1 […]

New AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite Kits


We’re very pleased to announce that new versions of the AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kit will soon be available. These new kits have been developed in partnership with Amazon Launchpad and will be available directly from Amazon as well as in the AmbaSat Online store. The kit updates reflect feedback which we’ve received over the past six […]

Building an AmbaSat-1 – Part 1

Unwrapping, first assembly & launching on OSX From Cloudspot: What is AmbaSat-1? To give some background: AmbaSat-1 is the world’s first DIY satellite development kit:It provides basic components (like the motherboard, radio, power) and a selection of sensors that can be attached to the satellite.

Space: Global Connections – Global Growth – by Enterprise Europe Network

Find out more about what is happening in the Global Space arena, with guests from around the world! About this Event At this virtual event we will explore what is happening in the Global Space arena, with guests from around the world attendees will find out more about; Global Information Platforms Introduction to Space Ventures […]

Backers: Shipping, Testing, Launch & Assembly Update

Saturn V rocket

Hi all, Last week was slow whilst we waited on parts delivery from the US & Germany (LP2985 & LSM9DS1). We have now received these parts. This week we are continuing to ship the KIT versions of AmbaSat-1. For those who chose Sensor 07, please expect an email with a purchase link to that sensor. […]

June Meeting with Interorbital Systems & Launch Date Update


Martin from AmbaSat and Randa from Interorbital Systems (IOS) had an online meeting earlier this week. Randa reported that: Interorbital is currently testing the Neptune rocket guidance system. This includes both hardware & software elements There is an upcoming large engine test for N2 Shutdown due to Covid has affected licence dates so any launch […]

Packing and Shipping

Just a quick update to let backers know that we are still packing and shipping the kit versions of the satellite. We’ll have an update on the assmebled satellites shortly but all looking good. We’ve completed shipping for *almost all* of Sensor kits for sensors 01, 02, 04, 05. Sensor 03 & 06 – about […]