Dear all,

Thank you to everyone for all your support through 2020. It’s been quite the year!

Delivery – current status
We are now shipping the last backer batch of AmbaSat-1 Kits. Thanks to Garner Osbourne for delivering new stock of pre-assembled AmbaSat-1 boards on the 23rd December. We test every assembled satellite before shipping and so far we have a 100% pass rate.

Europe shipping: Due to the UK’s ‘new’ COVID strain, there is currently a stop on shipping any packages to most/all European Union (EU) countries, more details are in the Royal Mail link below. We’re keeping a close eye on developments but for the moment shipping is happening to everywhere except the EU.

Launch Update
We had a meeting earlier in December with Randa at Interorbital Systems (our first launch provider). Randa has indicated that a Q3 2021 launch is looking possible. A review again in February should give us confirmation. If it’s Q3 for launch then we’ll be working on a five month develop/test/rework schedule. Details on this will be emailed to all rocket launchers after the next meeting.

General News – AmbaSat in 2021
From our Kickstarter origins, we’ve since grown into a full business with 5 staff. In 2021 we have some big announcements and exciting developments. In brief, these will cover:

  • New rocket launches. Some very exciting news here. Announcements will come in early 2021 but we can mention, SpaceX & Falcon 9 plus several contracted launches for 2021/22
  • New employees. This year we took on three new employees and 2021 will see further staff additions
  • New product. We’ve been busy with some exciting R&D on AmbaSat-2. And for those that asked, it will feature a camera!
  • Funding. We received major funding in late 2020 which amongst other things is allowing us to accelerate our business growth and deliver affordable satellite development programmes
  • Courses, AmbaSat Satellite Build & STEM. Education is one of our core values and we are growing our educational packages with a number of educational partners in order to deliver AmbaSat courses in the UK and USA
  • US roadshow. In the second half of 2021, we will be taking part in a 3 month US roadshow to promote space, science and technology in schools and colleges across the USA

For more details on all the above, please see the AmbaSat “Let’s Get Rocketing in 2021” blog post at:

As always, thank you for your support and for being part of this exciting journey.

From all of us at AmbaSat, we wish all of you a healthy and happy 2021!

The AmbaSat Team