The AmbaSat Space Satellite Course

Your Gateway to a Career in Space and STEM

Your Very Own Space Satellite

Just imagine if you could build your very own spacecraft and have it launched onboard a rocket into Low Earth Orbit, for little more than the cost of a PlayStation. AmbaSat-1 is a tiny spacecraft kit that you assemble and code yourself. Once your satellite kit is assembled and programmed, it will be launched onboard a commercial rocket and then spend approximately one month in space.

Get the AmbaSat Space Satellite Course for Your School

The full AmbaSat course includes satellite kits, rocket launch options, YouTube videos, coursebooks and more.  To get the full AmbaSat course for your school, just fill out the short form below and we’ll do the rest!

The AmbaSat Course comes with ALL School and Student Resources

The AmbaSat Kit

You get your very own satellite kit, which includes all the component parts to build the satellite

Student Booklet

A comprehensive lesson booklet which takes students step-by-step through each of the ten lessons

Tutor Guide

A comprehensive tutor booklet which contains detailed instructions on how to deliver each lesson

Online Resources

A wealth of online resources, including a comprehensive step-by-step ‘How to’, code samples and more

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To get the full AmbaSat course for your school, just fill out the form below and we’ll do the rest!

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    The AmbaSat Satellite Kit

    Your ticket to SPACE

    Low Earth Orbit. One month in space. Tweet, record, analyse. It’s your spacecraft. You built it. 

    Step-By-Step Assembly

    No prior knowledge is needed. Assemble, code and boom! Your AmbaSat is ready for Low Earth Orbit.

    The ROCKET launch

    On the day: LIVE video feed of your AmbaSat launching into space. Telemetry data to your DASHBOARD.