"I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact"

Elon Musk, SpaceX

The AmbaSat Team 

About AmbaSat

AmbaSat is a UK company based in the Northeast of England.  We design and build low earth orbit space satellite kits which are the foundation of a new class of ‘nano’ space technology range of products. We also create educational ‘Build Your Own Satellite’ courses which form the foundation of our Science, Technology, Maths & Engineering’ (STEM) offering to schools and universities.  

Dramatically lowering the cost of access to space

AmbaSat Kits are used in educational, scientific and exploration missions which include deep space, earth observation and planetary science. With a cutting-edge satellite launcher and complimentary rocket launch services, AmbaSat is delivering a truly revolutionary space, engineering and educational solution and dramatically lowering the cost of access to space. 

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We Deliver Effective Business and Educational Solutions to Support Your Needs

UK Design & Manufacture

AmbaSats are designed and manufactured here in the UK using Quality Assured processes. 

Proven Engineering

As IoT devices, AmbaSats are used in businesses across the UK, including Premiership football clubs.

The STEM Advantage

Developing critical thinking, increasing science literacy and empowering the next generation of innovators.

Worldwide Shipping

With AmbaSat sales in over 40 countries, we supply kits and courses around the world.

The defacto platform for space and STEM education

UK Assembly & Production Facilities

We cultivate strong manufacturing partnerships with UK companies, including Mowden and Garner Osbourne.

AmbaSat Goals

An AmbaSat space satellite for every student & every aspiring engineer and space explorer.

UK Rocket Launches

We are partnering with UK rocket launch providers such as Skyrora to launch AmbaSat Satellites from UK soil.