The AmbaSat platform is dramatically lowering the cost of access to space

Commercial & Scientific

The AmbaSat R&D package is a next-generation development and learning platform which is used in commercial product testing and the creation of new space engineering technologies. The platform also facilitates the creation of new manufacturing methods together with enabling advances in nanotech materials, new rocket launch and satellite deployment capabilities and new long-range LoRaWAN communications

Dramatically lowering the cost of access to space

AmbaSat Kits are used in educational, scientific and exploration missions which include deep space, earth observation and planetary science. With a cutting-edge satellite launcher and complimentary rocket launch services, AmbaSat is delivering a truly revolutionary space, engineering and educational solution and dramatically lowering the cost of access to space. 

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Effective Business and Scientific Solutions to Support Your Needs

UK Design & Manufacture

AmbaSats are designed and manufactured here in the UK using Quality Assured processes. 

Proven Engineering

As IoT devices, AmbaSats are used in businesses across the UK, including Premiership football clubs.

Rocket Launch Services

The AmbaSat ‘3U’ : A cutting-edge satellite launcher with complimentary rocket launch services

Worldwide Shipping

With AmbaSat sales in over 40 countries, we supply kits and courses around the world.

The defacto platform for R&D in space

UK Assembly & Production Facilities

We cultivate strong manufacturing partnerships with UK companies, including Mowden and Garner Osbourne.

Nano Technology

Uniquely positioning AmbaSat in delivering ground-breaking and cost-effective Low Earth Orbit launches

Small Size, Big Savings

With up to 200 satellites per rocket, AmbaSat R&D launches are a fraction of the cost of our competitors.