"I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste mine"

Neil Armstrong. First man on the moon

The AmbaSat Space Satellite Kit

The AmbaSat Satellite Kit contains everything you need to build your very own space satellite. Together with the optional rocket launch package, your satellite will launch onboard a rocket into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) where it then spends up to a month in space.

AmbaSat-1 Femto Satellite

A tiny, powerful 35 x 35 mm computer with gyro, radio comms, and sensors. 

AmbaSat 3U CubeSat

Up to 200 AmbaSats are secured within the CubeSat and then launched into space.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is your Mission Control. All sensor data arrives here from space. 

The AmbaSat Kit

Your ticket to SPACE

Low Earth Orbit. One month in space. Tweet, record, analyse. It’s your spacecraft. You built it. 

Step-By-Step Assembly

No prior knowledge needed. Assemble, code and boom! You’re AmbaSat is ready for Low Earth Orbit.

The ROCKET launch

On the day: LIVE video feed of your AmbaSat launching into space. Telemetry data to your DASHBOARD.

AmbaSat-1 FemtoSat & Sensors

Every AmbaSat Kit comes supplied with gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors. These sensors come in the form of a single integrated chip. In addition, when you select your AmbaSat kit, you get the option to choose which type of additional sensor you would like to fit onto your satellite.

Temperature & Humidity

A fully calibrated, best-in-class temperature & humidity sensor


A digital temperature sensor with low power consumption

Gas and Pressure

A 4-in-1 MEMS with gas, pressure, temperature & humidity

Ambient Light

This sensor closely matches the photopic sensitivity of the human eye

Total Voltaic Organic Comp.

This TVOC sensor contains a gas sense element and CMOS IC

Ultraviolet Light

A wide dynamic range UV sensor with excellent performance 

0 km

Orbit speed

Number of times per day around the earth


orbits per day

LoRaWAN radio communications (line of sight) range

0 km

20,000 ground stations

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) altitude of approximately 300km

The AmbaSat Dashboard

The Dashboard is at the heart of your Mission Control. Use it for testing, debugging and viewing telemetry from your satellite. You can also view data and graphs from your onboard sensors.

On rocket launch day, log in to your Dashboard to watch a live video stream of the rocket launch.

Access your Dashboard using any smartphone, tablet or PC.

The AmbaSat 3U CubeSat

200 AmbaSats into LEO

The CubeSat can hold up to 200 AmbaSats and transports them into Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

One Month in Space

At an altitude of about 300 km, the launcher and AmbaSats spend about one month in LEO

20,000 Ground Stations

Over 20,000 radio ground stations spread right across the world listen for AmbaSat communications and telemetry

Want to learn more about the AmbaSat Space Satellite?

Get the low down on all the technical specifications, including full schematics for the mainboard, coding examples for each sensor and a full 80-page ‘How To’ guide on assembling your very own space satellite. Click on any of the links below to view full details!