Packing and Shipping

Just a quick update to let backers know that we are still packing and shipping the kit versions of the satellite. We’ll have an update on the assmebled satellites shortly but all looking good. We’ve completed shipping for *almost all* of Sensor kits for sensors 01, 02, 04, 05. Sensor 03 & 06 – about […]

Weekend Work – Shipping Satellite Kits

Just a quick update to say thank you so much to everyone for such fantastic support! We have been literally swamped with orders and as a consequence had to temporarily suspend purchase options in the AmbaSat online shop. All being well we can open the online store again this coming week so if you’re looking […]

First AmbaSat-1 ASSEMBLED Satellite Boards

Very pleased to report that we have received the first assembled AmbaSat-1 Satellite Boards. Thanks to everyone at Mowden and the team here who have worked hard to make this possible. We’ll shortly be fitting and configuring solarboards & sensor boards and all boards will be fully tested before shipping.

PRESS RELEASE: June 2020 – AmbaSat Receives Funding for New Spacecraft Development

June 2020: AmbaSat Ltd, based in North Yorkshire, UK receives 40% PAPI (Product And Process Innovation) grant to build new spacecraft. PAPI is managed by the University of York and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Martin Platt, AmbaSat Ltd Co-Founder and CEO says “The PAPI grant enables us to rapidly accelerate our growth […]

Skyrora Webinar – June 3rd

AmbaSat Co-Founder Martin Platt will be on the panel at Skyrora’s next Webinar event which is scheduled for June 3rd at 15:00 BST. The topic will be ‘Space Innovation and Environmental Responsibility’. Come along and join the webinar. Register for the event at:

AmbaSat-1 Production Line Assembly STARTS

NEWS – 27th May 2020 – AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit Satellites are now on the assembly production line here in the UK. Thank you to everyone at Mowden Controls for all their hard work in getting us into their production schedule. ASSEMBLED AmbaSat-1s are now coming off the production line!

AmbaSat bootloaders installed on ATMEGA Chips

Today we’ve been loading the AmbaSat bootloader onto the ATMEGA328 chips in readiness for our assembly partner (Mowden) who will be building the assembled versions of AmbaSat-1 later this week. A few pictures from the process. We had a lunch break and a bite to eat. Couldn’t find any fish to go with the chips […]

Backer Update 23rd May – Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Hi all, As we posted recently on the AmbaSat blog, like most businesses, Covid-19 has impacted our operations and meant that our staff levels have been reduced. For a while now there has been just two of us allowed in the office, with access limited to only one day per week. However, there is now […]

AmbaSat Job – Trainee Space Satellite Engineer We are seeking a Trainee Space Satellite Engineer to join the team at AmbaSat. If you know of someone who may be interested, please see the job post details below. Trainee Engineer required for a career in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space satellite development, including embedded software and hardware. Also prototype manufacturing and assembly. […]

Shipping and Kit Assembly

The covid-19 lockdown has eased a little this week in the UK so we’ve been able to get some more time on assembling and shipping AmbaSat-1 Satellite kits. This latest batch of kits contain Sensor 03s – the low power gas, pressure, temperature & humidity sensor BME680. We’re currently completing the example code for this […]