Hi all,

Last week was slow whilst we waited on parts delivery from the US & Germany (LP2985 & LSM9DS1). We have now received these parts. This week we are continuing to ship the KIT versions of AmbaSat-1. For those who chose Sensor 07, please expect an email with a purchase link to that sensor.

If you backed a KIT version of AmbaSat-1 and have not yet received your kit, then your kit should be shipping either this week or next. If you would like to know where yours is in the queue, please email shipping@ambasat.com

Mainboard: The assembled AmbaSat-1 board testing is so far giving us a 100% pass rate. Well done to our mainboard assembly partner – MOWDEN for such excellent performance.

 Sensor boards: We have failed with our in-house assembling of the sensor boards. We had planned to use our own pick & place process and reflow oven. Unfortunately, there are problems with the process and it’s taking too long to fix. So, we have sourced several external SMT assembly partners to assemble the sensor ‘daughterboards’. Delivery of assembled sensor 05 is expected shortly, with the others following.

Solarboards: Unfortunately, it’s a similar situation at present for the solarboards, although they can be manually assembled.

Further to the above, IF you backed an ASSEMBLED AmbaSat-1 and IF you are happy/able/want to assemble the sensor and solarboard yourself, there is the option to get your AmbaSat-1 shipped during the next couple of weeks. Please email martin@ambasat.com to arrange. However, IF you can wait a little longer, we will have the sensor and solarboards assembled and you will receive a fully assembled and TESTED satellite. Apologies for this production delay.

You may already have read on the AmbaSat blog about the launch delay. If not, in summary:

Unfortunately, it looks like we may well not get to launch with IOS this year. However, the good news is that a 2021 launch looks good and there is the chance that we may also be on the first Neptune 2 rocket launch. For a 2021 launch, it also gives everyone more time to complete their satellite assembly and coding tasks & testing.

Please read the original post for more information:

A launch delay is a disappointment but, on the positive side, we believe it will deliver a more robust launch with a much greater chance of success.  

Thank you, as always, to each and every one of you for your belief, support and for being one of the first in a very exciting journey.

Martin & The AmbaSat Team.