AmbaSat visit to Skyrora, Scotland

We had a fantastic visit this week to Skyrora in Edinburgh, Scotland. Skyrora Limited is a rocket launch vehicle development company. Thank you very much to Alex, Katie & Derek of Skyrora for a great day and for showing us around the Skyrora facilities. We really enjoyed the tour and it was great to meet […]

AmbaSat-1 TV Appearance

One of AmbaSat-1’s backers, Svetoslav Alexandrov was recently interviewed on Bulgarian National TV and talked about sending his AmbaSat-1 Satellite into Low Earth Orbit. Here is a link to the YouTube video: And Svetoslav’s original Tweet: Svetoslav Alexandrov@Zvezdichko¬∑Feb 13 “I had the opportunity to speak on Bulgarian National SKAT TV Channel about Solar Orbiter and […]

PCB order quotas from China

COVID-19: There are ongoing supply issues with AmbaSat-1 sensor boards and solar boards from our PCB supplier in China. We are currently being restricted to maximum order quantities of 20 of each board type (mainboard, sensors & solarboard). We’ve just placed further PCB orders today. Delivery via DHL is indicated to be about 7 days. […]

AmbaSat-1 Kits Shipping and Progress Update

We’ve been working hard this week to ship the third batch of AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kits. Our PCB supplier is now back online but not yet fully operational. We will be ramping-up deliveries as more supplies start to come through. For those backers who’ve specified a KIT and are in one of the below sensor groups, […]

Production, Delivery and the Coronavirus

First, we’d just like to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected both directly and indirectly by the coronavirus outbreak. How is the coronavirus affecting our production? Whilst we design, develop and assemble parts and kits here in the UK, our PCBs – mainboard, solarboard and eight sensor boards – […]

Backer Update – First AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kits Now Shipping!

A momentous occasion! We are very pleased to announce shipping of the first batch of AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kits. Thank you to all Sensor-01 backers who have already replied to last week’s email. For those of you who have indicated that you are happy to do a full self-assembly, we have begun shipping your kits out. […]

Backer Update – AmbaSat-1 Parts & Shipping

Exciting news for all our backers! Satellite parts have been arriving thick and fast this week from various different suppliers (see images below). We now have AmbaSat-1 mainboards, solarboards, all the sensor boards (YES!), transceiver chips, CH340 programmers and more! Sensor boards 01 (SHT30-DIS-F2.5KS), 02 (STS21) and 04 (OPT3001DNPT) have passed all tests with the […]

AmbaSat-1 & Teesside University – GPS Tracker

Today we met the team behind Teesside University’s Tu2Space project at Teesside University. Thank you everyone for your time today. It was a real pleasure to meet you all and also to demonstrate and discuss AmbaSat-1 Satellite GPS and its capabilities. The AmbaSat-1 Satellite with GPS sensor will be onboard the next Tu2Space launch, scheduled […]

LoRa Messages from Space with TTN

Yes, it does work! Where Fossat failed, the Lacuna setup most definitely worked! Well done to Andreas Spiess who has been working on getting a LoRa message through TTN. Check out his video below:

AmbaSat Forum Now Online!

By popular request, the AmbaSat Forum is reinstated and now up and running and can be found at: Moderators wanted. Please PM on the forum for further details.