AmbaSat-1 Sensor Designs – GitHub

You can now freely download each of the AmbaSat-1 sensor designs from our GitHub page, linked below. These designs are in Eagle format and include both schematic and board.

AmbaSat-1 Sensor Options

Every AmbaSat-1 comes supplied with gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors. These sensors come in the form of a single integrated chip (IC) which is called the LSM9DS1. In addition to the LSM9DS1, when you select your AmbaSat kit, you get the option to choose which type of additional sensor you would like to fit onto […]

10k Connected Things Network Gateways!

There are now over 10000 LoRaWAN connected gateways around the world. This is a fantastic figure and great news for AmbaSat-1 which now has ten thousand listening ‘groundstations’ waiting to receive satellite data.


Hi, It’s our first day back in the office after the Christmas break and we wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a fantastic welcome to the rocketing twenties! AMBASAT-1 ROCKET LAUNCH MANIFEST Our joint press release with Interorbital Systems is due very soon but we wanted to share the very exciting […]

Build-your-own mini satellite – Springwise Review

IoT experts AmbaSense created build-and-code kits for solar-powered Sprite satellites that can be purchased in various stages of completion. Personal mini space satellites open up new dimensions of exploration. Space is no longer available to only astronauts and entrepreneurs. The AmbaSat-1 IoT space satellite kit provides unlimited opportunities for individual space exploration. Created and built […]

December 2019 – Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer update

December 2019 update Hi all, Let’s start with some good news! SHIPPING STARTS JANUARY 2020! We will be shipping the first AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kits starting in the second week of January, 2020. Yay! Thank you everyone for your patience. As I’m sure you will all appreciate, creating something that is going into Space is not […]

Meeting with Mowden – 9th December

We had a really good meeting today with Andy and Neil from Mowden Controls. Mowden will be producing the fully-assembled AmbaSat-1 Satellites and also placing MCU & GAM-9D chips on the kit versions of AmbaSat-1. Mowden specialise in low to medium volume high quality PCB population, product design & development, box build projects and Atex […]

Pictures from the AmbaSat visit to Interorbital in Mojave, California. November 2019

John and Martin from AmbaSat visit Randa and the rest of the Interorbital Systems team at their rocket manufacturing and testing facility in Mojave, California. AmbaSat has chosen Interorbital Systems (IOS) as our rocket launch partner. IOS is a rocket, satellite and spacecraft manufacturing company and they also provide a full launch-service for third-parties. Their […]

AmbaSat-1 satellite update – December 3rd 2019

Hi all, What’s happening? When will I get my kit? When will my satellite rocket launch take place? What’s happening? —————- Last week John and Martin were in the US at SpaceCom, Houston and then visited AmbaSat-1’s rocket launch provider – Interorbital Systems (IOS) – in Mojave, California. It was great to meet everyone at […]

Pictures from SpaceCom in Houston, Texas. November 2019

A few pictures from this week’s Space Exhibition where John and Martin from AmbaSat exhibited the AmbaSat-1 satellite. Thank you to everyone who called by our exhibition stand. It was truly a fantastic 2 days and we were inundated with enquiries, questions and much support. Thanks also to Tejpaul at Google for hosting our Tuesday […]