Dear all,We were able to dispatch another batch of AmbaSat-1 satellite kits last week. Supplies though are still slow and JLCPCB – our PCB supplier – has indicated that they have shipped another batch of PCBs to us (about 80) so when we receive those we’ll be able to continue with shipping. Apologies for the delay but as previously mentioned, the corona virus situation is affecting just about everyone in the supply chain.

Some good news on the assembled satellite front, Mowden (our satellite assembly partner) is processing our order and will make a start as soon as they can. However, the not so good news is that there is possibly going to be a 6 – 8 week delay before RFM95 transceivers are in supply again (again due to the coronavirus), which means they can’t begin assembly until these are received. We’ll keep everyone posted when we have further details. We have a small stock of these for the self-assembly kits so can continue to produce these this week.

The AmbaSat-1 Satellite Course started last Friday at Egglescliffe school. Lots of excitement with this on all fronts and further exciting news to come as the weeks progress. Once the course is finished (10-week course) and we’ve applied any feedback, we will make the full course available to schools, universities, MAKERs and groups.

As always, thank you for your support and commitment.

The AmbaSat Team.