Download a copy of our new “How To” guide on assembling and coding the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit satellite.

In this latest guide, AmbaSat engineer Nathan will take you through each step of the assembly process, starting with an introduction to AmbaSat-1 and then guiding you through the various stages of building your very own satellite.

The complete guide covers the following topics:

Introduction: What is AmbaSat-1?
What’s in the Box: What is a MK-II Kit
What You’ll Need: Tools, Materials & Software
Health, Safety & Precautions
Prep your Stations: Cups of tea at the ready!
Visual Studio Code: Where to get it
Step One: Slap a Tail on it
Step Two: Programmer Pins
Step Three: PCB-LED Test
Errors & Fault Finding
Step Four: Sensor Mounting
Step Five: Digital Workspace & Sensor Testing
Step Six: That’s LoRaWAN!

Grab your copy today from the link below and learn all about what it takes to build your very own AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite!

Download the PDF Step-By-Step How To Guide Here

AmbaSat-1 Step-by-step