This is the first in a series of posts which highlight articles, presentations, YouTube videos and other web mentions which discuss and/or reference AmbaSat. In his article, “New Constellations in the Sky”, AmbaSat Kickstarter backer Bill Marshall writes about satellite constellations, their upsides and downsides and the practical applications of tiny ‘pico’ satellites such as AmbaSat-1.

Thank you Bill for allowing us to reference your article.

“Arthur C. Clarke wrote the seminal paper: “Extra-Terrestrial Relays — Can Rocket Stations Give Worldwide Radio Coverage?” in 1945 based on an idea for orbiting space stations first published in 1942. In his paper, Clarke outlined the principle of using just three satellites orbiting the Earth 22,236 miles above the equator to achieve world-wide communication coverage – the so-called Geostationary orbit.”

Read Bill’s full article at the link below: