Hi All,

As ever it’s been a busy few weeks so let’s get straight into the update:


Last month we shipped a first small batch of assembled AmbaSat-1s. They are taking longer to assemble and test than anticipated but we are getting through them. As with the kits, we are working through the assembled versions in sensor order. We received sensor 03s (BME680s) from our UK supplier and sensor 06s (UV) from our Chinese supplier. Each assembled satellite is being tested prior to shipping. The sensor 03s which we’ve assembled so far have passed tests. We’re working on sensor 06s right now. There was a problem with the ground pin on an earlier batch of these so we had to fix and reorder. Sensors 01, 02, 04, & 05 are on the production line and being assembled this Thursday and Friday (September 17/18). All being well we should get these early next week and can then start mounting onto the mainboard and testing.


We are progressing towards the final shipping of self-assembly KITS. If you backed a KIT version of AmbaSat-1 and are waiting, please be assured that we are getting to your order. As mentioned in the last update, if you would like to know where yours is in the queue, please email shipping@ambasat.com and include your backer number

Unfortunately, we did not get accepted onto the Amazon Launchpad programme. However, we will be still be listing AmbaSat Kits on our amazon store starting next month.

As always thank for your support.

Martin & The AmbaSat Team.