AmbaSat-1 Kits available

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We have a limited number of AmbaSat-1 Kits available in the online store. Our local AmbaSat-1 production supplier, Mowden, has been busy assembling AmbaSat-1 mainboards and a range of sensors.…

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Backer Update – September

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Hi All, As ever it's been a busy few weeks so let's get straight into the update: AMBASAT-1 ASSEMBLED Last month we shipped a first small batch of assembled AmbaSat-1s.…

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New AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite Kits

We're very pleased to announce that new versions of the AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kit will soon be available. These new kits have been developed in partnership with Amazon Launchpad and will…

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Packing and Shipping

Just a quick update to let backers know that we are still packing and shipping the kit versions of the satellite. We'll have an update on the assmebled satellites shortly…

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AmbaSat-1 Kit Assembly, 1st May

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AmbaSat-1 Head Quarters, Northallerton. 1st May 2020. A fresh supply of components arrived this week so we've been busy putting together another batch of kits. These kits are for the…

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