New AmbaSat Kits NOW IN STOCK!

It’s been a long few months wait but we’re pleased to announce that starting today, May 29th we now have a limited stock of the new AmbaSat Space Satellite Kits. You’ve probably seen the news about the problems faced by Apple/Tesla/Samsung etc and the worldwide shortage of ‘chips’. If you haven’t, then check out the […]

AmbaSat-1 Deployer #001 Delivered

AmbaSat-1 Deployer

This week we received the first of three AmbaSat-1 Deployer modules. Many thanks to our local firm Prest Engineering for the excellent work in laser-cutting and fabricating these engineering marvels. AmbaSat-1 Deployer 001 is destined for thermal, vibration and P-POD testing. Deployers 002 & 003 will be used for educational and demonstration events and shows. […]

“My First Steps into Space”

AmbaSat Kit - Unboxed

This post is part of a series where we highlight articles, presentations, YouTube videos and other web mentions which discuss or reference the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit Space Satellite. In a follow-up to “New Constellations in the Sky”, AmbaSat Kickstarter backer Bill Marshall’s latest article, “My First Steps into Space”, takes a more technical dive […]

AmbaSat Deployer – The Low Earth Orbit Deployer for AmbaSat-1


The “AmbaSat Deployer” design is an adaptation of the Kicksat specification used by Zac Manchester and his team and consists of a ‘3U’ CubeSat measuring approximately 10 cm x 10 cm x 32 cm, with a total weight 2.8 kg. The first ‘1U’ (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) section of the deployer contains the electronics, […]

AmbaSat-1 Step-By-Step Build Guide

Download a copy of our new “How To” guide on assembling and coding the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit satellite. In this latest guide, AmbaSat engineer Nathan will take you through each step of the assembly process, starting with an introduction to AmbaSat-1 and then guiding you through the various stages of building your very own […]

First prototype GPS Sensor 08 assembled boards received

AmbaSat-1 GPS

We’ve received the first two prototype AmbaSat-1 GPS boards. Thank you to our partner Contract Production for assembling these new boards. We are assembling and coding the first prototype this week. The second prototype is headed to the USA for assembly and coding. The Teseo-LIV3R GPS module is extremely accurate thanks to the on board […]

“New Constellations in the Sky”

This is the first in a series of posts which highlight articles, presentations, YouTube videos and other web mentions which discuss and/or reference AmbaSat. In his article, “New Constellations in the Sky”, AmbaSat Kickstarter backer Bill Marshall writes about satellite constellations, their upsides and downsides and the practical applications of tiny ‘pico’ satellites such as […]

AmbaSat-1 Kits available

We have a limited number of AmbaSat-1 Kits available in the online store. Our local AmbaSat-1 production supplier, Mowden, has been busy assembling AmbaSat-1 mainboards and a range of sensors. Next week there is a big event coming up in the UK and we’ll be posting more details on this soon. There are three new […]

Backer Update – September


Hi All, As ever it’s been a busy few weeks so let’s get straight into the update: AMBASAT-1 ASSEMBLED Last month we shipped a first small batch of assembled AmbaSat-1s. They are taking longer to assemble and test than anticipated but we are getting through them. As with the kits, we are working through the […]

New AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite Kits


We’re very pleased to announce that new versions of the AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kit will soon be available. These new kits have been developed in partnership with Amazon Launchpad and will be available directly from Amazon as well as in the AmbaSat Online store. The kit updates reflect feedback which we’ve received over the past six […]