“My First Steps into Space”

“My First Steps into Space”

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This post is part of a series where we highlight articles, presentations, YouTube videos and other web mentions which discuss or reference the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit Space Satellite.

In a follow-up to “New Constellations in the Sky”, AmbaSat Kickstarter backer Bill Marshall’s latest article, “My First Steps into Space”, takes a more technical dive into AmbaSat’s use of LoRaWAN, link budgets, programming and more.

Thank you Bill for allowing us to reference your article.

My First Steps into Space: OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the AmbaSat satellite kit I backed on Kickstarter last year has finally arrived – complete with a launch-slot certificate. In June 2019 I published an article on DesignSpark with the title New Constellations in the Sky. It was written in response to the news that SpaceX had just launched the first batch of a possible 21000 satellites to provide worldwide Internet access. The Starlink project is not the first use of satellite constellations…

Read Bill’s full article at the link below:


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