Build Your Very Own Space Satellite

Our space satellite kits and educational courses deliver a practical and engaging learning journey and inspire students to explore an exciting career in space and STEM

What Does AmbaSat Do?

AmbaSat create space satellite kits and educational courses. The AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite Kit contains everything needed to build your very own spacecraft and our optional rocket launch packages will launch your satellite into space.

The AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite Kit

AmbaSat kits are for individuals, students, schools & universities and businesses. Choose from 8 sensors, open-source design, easy assembly and coding.

The AmbaSat STEM Course

A 10-lesson ‘Build Your Own Space Satellite’ course: Includes videos, lesson plans, student booklet, activity guide and tasks for each lesson.

Commercial and Scientific

AmbaSat’s ‘nano’ technologies deliver cost-effective Low Earth Orbit launches plus ground-breaking testing and experimental capabilities.

Calling ALL Educators!

The AmbaSat Space Satellite course covers topics and applications which reach right across the curriculum, from coding to soldering, research to teamwork, analytics to engineering.

Ten Lessons

Lesson duration is 60-90 mins with a combination of theory and practice.

Syllabus Relevance

Career pathways, computing & ICT, maths & statistics, Drama and more

Course Materials

Tutor notes, student coursebook, lesson plans, presentations & YouTube videos

Course Packages

Earth, Sky & Space packages available. Satellite kits included for every student

Learning Outcomes

Problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, presentation and more

Age Range

For students aged 12-16 years old. Encouraging a career in space & STEM

Our Partners

AmbaSat is part-funded by the European Space Agency BIC UK

How can we help you and your organisation?


Academies, Trusts and Individual Schools


Bespoke study modules, High Altitude Balloon launches

Education Suppliers

Train the trainer courses across all your channels

Specialist Groups

Scouts, Guides, MAKERS and specialist interest groups

AmbaSat's UK rocket launch partner : Skyrora


3 Rocket Stages

Skyrora XL is a three stage launch vehicle intended to place payloads between 200km and 1,000km altitudes


Rocket Length


Skyrora XL stands 22.7 meters tall with a total lift-off mass in excess of 55,000 kilograms


Payload Mass


An encapsulated payload module with push-rod springs that will deploy AmbaSat-X to LEO 

Skyrora XL (Illustration)

9 Skyforce engines with 70kN of thrust

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small selection of your most popular questions. Please see our FAQ page for a full list of all your FAQs.

Your AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite will deploy into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) at an altitude of about 300km and remain in space for about ONE month.

Once you've completed assembling and programming your AmbaSat-1, you will return it back to us and we'll take care of the rocket installation.

Every AmbaSat comes with its own 'Dashboard'. This is a web application that allows you to see all your satellite's telemetry data in one place.


Your destiny

AmbaSat - To the Edge of Space

May 2023 witnessed a remarkable achievement as two AmbaSat Space Satellites soared to an altitude of 29km above the Earth’s surface. Lifted into the sky by two High Altitude Balloons (HABs) launched from Welshpool in Wales, these AmbaSats recorded altitude and GPS location data, with telemetry transmitted in near real-time through the AmbaSat Prime Network and TTN, showcasing the incredible capabilities of these remarkable chipsat space satellites.

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