AmbaSat – The Edge of Space

AmbaSat – The Edge of Space

AmbaSat – To the Edge of Space

May 2023 witnessed a remarkable achievement as two AmbaSat Space Satellites soared to an altitude of 29km above the Earth’s surface. Lifted into the sky by two High Altitude Balloons (HABs) launched from Welshpool in Wales, these AmbaSats recorded altitude and GPS location data, with telemetry transmitted in near real-time through the AmbaSat Prime Network and TTN, showcasing the incredible capabilities of these remarkable chipsat space satellites.

Thanks to Hi-Impact for making this possible:

Stunning images from 29 km above the earth. Two HABs launched from Welshpool in Wales. This image was taken just as the balloon burst and the parachute is deployed. 

During the ascent. The balloon is inflated with enough helium to fill over 500 party balloons. Onboard camera is the Insta 360

AmbaSat onboard sensors recorded altitude and GPS location data and transmitted this telemetry in almost real-time back to earth via LoRaWAN and TTN.

Two balloons were launched, each with an AmbaSat Space Satellite onboard. One communicated using the AmbaSat Prime Network and the other TTN

A picture of both balloons as they start their journey from Welshpool, with the Welsh countryside pictured below.

Coming in to land after a journey of about two hours. Both payloads were retrieved and both AmbaSats recovered fully intact.

Members of the AmbaSat team – Wannapa, Martin & Nate. Also with Rosie from Space Wales, Tony from Thompson STEM Engagement and Sally-Ann Spence 

The team from Hi-Impact did a fantastic job and were well prepared with video, cameras, BBC Radio, presenters, you name it!

Wannapa from AmbaSat tightly holds on to HAB balloon 51 before the launch

AmbaSat Satellite designated HAB52 about to be loaded into the payload chamber

All the gear… AmbaSat Prime Gateway, two AmbaSat Satellites kitted out with GPS

The AmbaSat Prime Gateway was connected to a 1.2m 8dBi antenna 

AmbaSat GPS Tracking of the flight

The Launch Team

AmbaSat – To the Edge of Space

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