AmbaSat Forum Now Online!

By popular request, the AmbaSat Forum is reinstated and now up and running and can be found at: Moderators wanted. Please PM on the forum for further details.

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AmbaSat-1 Sensor Designs – GitHub

You can now freely download each of the AmbaSat-1 sensor designs from our GitHub page, linked below. These designs are in Eagle format and include both schematic and board. AmbaSat-1…

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AmbaSat-1 Sensor Options

Every AmbaSat-1 comes supplied with gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors. These sensors come in the form of a single integrated chip (IC) which is called the LSM9DS1. In addition to…

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10k Connected Things Network Gateways!

There are now over 10000 LoRaWAN connected gateways around the world. This is a fantastic figure and great news for AmbaSat-1 which now has ten thousand listening 'groundstations' waiting to…

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