Space: Global Connections – Global Growth – by Enterprise Europe Network

Find out more about what is happening in the Global Space arena, with guests from around the world! About this Event At this virtual event we will explore what is happening in the Global Space arena, with guests from around the world attendees will find out more about; Global Information Platforms Introduction to Space Ventures […]

Backers: Shipping, Testing, Launch & Assembly Update

Saturn V rocket

Hi all, Last week was slow whilst we waited on parts delivery from the US & Germany (LP2985 & LSM9DS1). We have now received these parts. This week we are continuing to ship the KIT versions of AmbaSat-1. For those who chose Sensor 07, please expect an email with a purchase link to that sensor. […]

First AmbaSat-1 ASSEMBLED Satellite Boards

Very pleased to report that we have received the first assembled AmbaSat-1 Satellite Boards. Thanks to everyone at Mowden and the team here who have worked hard to make this possible. We’ll shortly be fitting and configuring solarboards & sensor boards and all boards will be fully tested before shipping.

PRESS RELEASE: June 2020 – AmbaSat Receives Funding for New Spacecraft Development

June 2020: AmbaSat Ltd, based in North Yorkshire, UK receives 40% PAPI (Product And Process Innovation) grant to build new spacecraft. PAPI is managed by the University of York and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Martin Platt, AmbaSat Ltd Co-Founder and CEO says “The PAPI grant enables us to rapidly accelerate our growth […]

BACKER UPDATE: AmbaSat-1 progress update (email follow-up)

Dear all, This is a follow-up to the recent AmbaSat email you should (hopefully) have received. First, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the prompt response regarding the sensor orders. We are beginning to process these now. For those who have emailed with questions, we are working through these and will […]

AmbaSat-1 Satellite Assembly Update – Mowden

A big shoutout to everyone at MOWDEN Controls. They are the people behind the ASSEMBLED version of the AmbaSat-1 Satellite. Over the past few weeks they have diverted their resources to the fight against COVID-19 and were tasked with designing and building ventilators for the National Health Service (NHS) here in the UK. Thank you […]

AmbaSat Awarded EU Grant FUNDING

We’re very pleased to announce that AmbaSat’s application for European Union Grant FUNDING was successful. Thanks to this funding, we are able to build upon the AmbaSat product range, purchase manufacturing equipment and also employ additional staff. More news and a press release to follow.

Press Release February 2020: AmbaSat Ltd – Skyrora Limited

Edinburgh, Scotland. 19th February 2020. AmbaSat Ltd today signed with Skyrora Limited for a collaborative orbital Space mission within the next 24 months. Skyrora Limited is a launch vehicle development company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Combining proven rocket technology with modern manufacturing methods, Skyrora aim to cater for the growing global demand in the small […]

AmbaSat visit to Skyrora, Scotland

We had a fantastic visit this week to Skyrora in Edinburgh, Scotland. Skyrora Limited is a rocket launch vehicle development company. Thank you very much to Alex, Katie & Derek of Skyrora for a great day and for showing us around the Skyrora facilities. We really enjoyed the tour and it was great to meet […]