AmbaSat High Altitude Launch (HAB) reaches 35km

An exciting collaboration with the teams at Hi-Impact and Mosslands School near Liverpool achieve AmbaSat-1’s first UK High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launch, reaching an altitude of almost 35km! The launch took place at Welshpool, Wales and on the day, the weather was calm with a light southerly breeze. We spent the morning with the team […]

Villanova CubeSat Club Makes First AmbaSat High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Flight

Congratulations to The Villanova CubeSat Club on their recent first ever high-altitude balloon (HAB) launch! The project featured an AmbaSat-1 Satellite with a BME-680 pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor onboard. Faculty advisor Dr. Alan Johnston says:“AmbaSat has been a great project for the students so far. The Villanova CubeSat Club backed the project on Kickstarter […]

AmbaSat Deployer – The Low Earth Orbit Deployer for AmbaSat-1


The “AmbaSat Deployer” design is an adaptation of the Kicksat specification used by Zac Manchester and his team and consists of a ‘3U’ CubeSat measuring approximately 10 cm x 10 cm x 32 cm, with a total weight 2.8 kg. The first ‘1U’ (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) section of the deployer contains the electronics, […]

Backers: Shipping, Testing, Launch & Assembly Update

Saturn V rocket

Hi all, Last week was slow whilst we waited on parts delivery from the US & Germany (LP2985 & LSM9DS1). We have now received these parts. This week we are continuing to ship the KIT versions of AmbaSat-1. For those who chose Sensor 07, please expect an email with a purchase link to that sensor. […]

June Meeting with Interorbital Systems & Launch Date Update


Martin from AmbaSat and Randa from Interorbital Systems (IOS) had an online meeting earlier this week. Randa reported that: Interorbital is currently testing the Neptune rocket guidance system. This includes both hardware & software elements There is an upcoming large engine test for N2 Shutdown due to Covid has affected licence dates so any launch […]

Online meeting with Interorbital Systems, April 2020

On Monday, AmbaSat Ltd co-founder Martin Platt and Interorbital Systems (IOS) CEO Randa Milliron took part in an online meeting to review progress and discuss next steps related to the AmbaSat-1 Satellite rocket launch. AmbaSat-1 is scheduled to launch onboard Interorbital systems’ NEPTUNE rocket later this year. Martin reported that satellite kit distribution is going […]