Meet the new C4DI members taking their business to new heights!

Technology and environmental specialists AmbaSat have joined the C4DI community with a mission to give every individual, student, engineer and explorer the opportunity to build and launch their very own satellite into space.  AmbaSat co-founders Martin Platt and Marcel Houtveen have worked together in a range of industries and have now come together to apply […]

Backer Update March 2021

AmbaSat Kits

Dear all, We’re pleased to announce that 95% of kits have now shipped. If you have not received your kit yet, then: a) You may be part of the GPS sensor group. If this is the case, please expect an update later this month. The prototypes we had made have failed. We think it’s due […]

AmbaSat-1 Deployer #001 Delivered

AmbaSat-1 Deployer

This week we received the first of three AmbaSat-1 Deployer modules. Many thanks to our local firm Prest Engineering for the excellent work in laser-cutting and fabricating these engineering marvels. AmbaSat-1 Deployer 001 is destined for thermal, vibration and P-POD testing. Deployers 002 & 003 will be used for educational and demonstration events and shows. […]

BBC Radio York AmbaSat interview

BBC Radio York - AmbaSat

Great interview on BBC Radio York with Beth McCarthy and Richard Osborne talking about AmbaSat, Mars and staking a Yorkshire claim on the moon for AmbaSat’s 2024 moon mission. #yorkshireonthemoon Thanks to Beth for having us on the show and also to Richard, Daniel and the team at AstroAgency for pulling out the stops with […]

Tago Custom Dashboard by Fredric Raab

AmbaSat-1 backer Fredric Raab uses to create his custom Dashboard. Raab says that also stores the data for 30 days and enables you to download data as a CSV file. “If you have an AmbaSat and a TTN (The Things Network) gateway, you can view raw, encrypted data as it is received using the Gateway tab […]

“My First Steps into Space”

AmbaSat Kit - Unboxed

This post is part of a series where we highlight articles, presentations, YouTube videos and other web mentions which discuss or reference the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit Space Satellite. In a follow-up to “New Constellations in the Sky”, AmbaSat Kickstarter backer Bill Marshall’s latest article, “My First Steps into Space”, takes a more technical dive […]

AmbaSat Deployer – The Low Earth Orbit Deployer for AmbaSat-1


The “AmbaSat Deployer” design is an adaptation of the Kicksat specification used by Zac Manchester and his team and consists of a ‘3U’ CubeSat measuring approximately 10 cm x 10 cm x 32 cm, with a total weight 2.8 kg. The first ‘1U’ (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) section of the deployer contains the electronics, […]

AmbaSat-1 Step-By-Step Build Guide

Download a copy of our new “How To” guide on assembling and coding the AmbaSat-1 Low Earth Orbit satellite. In this latest guide, AmbaSat engineer Nathan will take you through each step of the assembly process, starting with an introduction to AmbaSat-1 and then guiding you through the various stages of building your very own […]

AMBASAT SPACE: Let’s Get Rocketing in 2021!


Are you ready for launch in 2021? We certainly hope so! Globally, twenty-twenty was quite the year and when the clock struck midnight, we took a moment to pause and reflect on the awful impact caused by the covid pandemic. Our hearts go out to all who have lost loved ones, family and friends. Whilst […]

Backer Update – December 2020

Dear all, Thank you to everyone for all your support through 2020. It’s been quite the year! Delivery – current statusWe are now shipping the last backer batch of AmbaSat-1 Kits. Thanks to Garner Osbourne for delivering new stock of pre-assembled AmbaSat-1 boards on the 23rd December. We test every assembled satellite before shipping and […]