AmbaSat – The Edge of Space

May 2023 witnessed a remarkable achievement as two AmbaSat Space Satellites soared to an altitude of 29km above the Earth’s surface.

Lifted into the sky by two High Altitude Balloons (HABs)…

AmbaSat High Altitude Launch (HAB) reaches 35km

An exciting collaboration with the teams at Hi-Impact and Mosslands School near Liverpool achieve AmbaSat-1’s first UK High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launch, reaching an altitude of almost 35km! The launch took place at Welshpool, Wales and on the day, the weather was calm with a light southerly breeze. We spent the morning with the team […]

Tago Custom Dashboard by Fredric Raab

AmbaSat-1 backer Fredric Raab uses to create his custom Dashboard. Raab says that also stores the data for 30 days and enables you to download data as a CSV file. “If you have an AmbaSat and a TTN (The Things Network) gateway, you can view raw, encrypted data as it is received using the Gateway tab […]

LoRa Messages from Space with TTN

Yes, it does work! Where Fossat failed, the Lacuna setup most definitely worked! Well done to Andreas Spiess who has been working on getting a LoRa message through TTN. Check out his video below:

10k Connected Things Network Gateways!

There are now over 10000 LoRaWAN connected gateways around the world. This is a fantastic figure and great news for AmbaSat-1 which now has ten thousand listening ‘groundstations’ waiting to receive satellite data.