AmbaSat High Altitude Launch (HAB) reaches 35km

An exciting collaboration with the teams at Hi-Impact and Mosslands School near Liverpool achieve AmbaSat-1’s first UK High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launch, reaching an altitude of almost 35km! The launch took place at Welshpool, Wales and on the day, the weather was calm with a light southerly breeze. We spent the morning with the team […]

Tago Custom Dashboard by Fredric Raab

AmbaSat-1 backer Fredric Raab uses to create his custom Dashboard. Raab says that also stores the data for 30 days and enables you to download data as a CSV file. “If you have an AmbaSat and a TTN (The Things Network) gateway, you can view raw, encrypted data as it is received using the Gateway tab […]

LoRa Messages from Space with TTN

Yes, it does work! Where Fossat failed, the Lacuna setup most definitely worked! Well done to Andreas Spiess who has been working on getting a LoRa message through TTN. Check out his video below:

10k Connected Things Network Gateways!

There are now over 10000 LoRaWAN connected gateways around the world. This is a fantastic figure and great news for AmbaSat-1 which now has ten thousand listening ‘groundstations’ waiting to receive satellite data.