AmbaSat update – 24th September 2019

Hi all, A quick update as we are rushing off to attend as delegates at the UK Space Conference this week. Thank you all for your fantastic input. All backer surveys have been sent out. Looking forward to receiving your sensor options! 🙂 AmbaSat LoRaWAN unboxing: Best regards,  The AMBASAT team!

AmbaSat-1 update – 17th September 2019

Hi, Highlights from the past week and things that are scheduled: a) V2 design of the AmbaSat-1 mainboard is done. There are some refinements needed to PCB tracks, labels and component layout. We should get this to the PCB manufacturer this week. Once the design has been tested it will be uploaded to Github. b) […]

AmbaSat Update – 8th September 2019

Hi, Another weekly update. We thought it would be good to provide some individual updates from some of the other team members. So here are updates from John Mo, John Ma, Marcel, Dan & Martin. John Mo is handling the electronic design and he’s been working on the sensor ‘daughterboards’ and solar PCB. Here is […]

August 31st 2019 – Update

Hi, It’s been another busy week. We’ve met with a component supplier to discuss prices for a range of components, including the transceiver. We’ve also received a quotation for PCB assembly which looks very good. We’re still waiting on the ‘traffic light’ results from the UK Space Agency and will be chasing up this coming […]

TrisolX Solar Wings – First batch received

We received the first batch of TrisolX solar panels this week. Excited to start testing with these. The image below shows approximate layout of the solar panels. We’re working on the schematic and board layout to accommodate these and will upload to Github when done.

The SPACE Sessions – Egglescliffe School & Sixth Form College

Fantastic day yesterday where we took part as STEM Ambassadors at Egglescliffe School & Sixth Form College to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the moon landing. Hundreds of supportive students and an honour to share the stage with Dr. Jim Green from NASA (him via Skype), Dr. Suzie Imbar, Professor David Southwood […]

AmbaSat Github and source files

Hi, We’re still finalising the structure for the AmbaSat-1 Github repository, apologies for the delay. We want it to be correct from the start so getting the structure right is key. However, we know that some of you are waiting for the board specification and source so have uploaded the Eagle source files to the […]