Hi all,

Weekly update – 28th October 2019 [Kickstarter & Indiegogo]

It’s been a busy week with lots happening. Some ups and some downs. First off, there will be a slight delay to the October delivery timetable. There are several reasons for this which we will explain below. However, some good news too:

UK Space Agency has awarded us an amber ‘Traffic Light’ rating for the project. This means they are happy with the project generally but with some reservations. We are continuing our dialogue with them in order to understand the areas where we need to make alterations with respect to the rocket launch. However, they have requested a one year advance notification prior to rocket launch. Obviously this does not fit with our original launch plans and launching with InterOrbital System in Q1 of next year. Consequently, we are looking at alternatives (see below).

We have received the latest 2.02 prototype satellite board samples and these are testing out very well. Images included below.

Over the next week we will receive the final sensor daughterboard protoypes.

SpaceCom, Houston. November 20-21 : Come and join us at SpaceCom Houston, Texas on November 20-21. The AmbaSat booth is at #655 in the Startup pavilion https://spacecomexpo.com

John and Martin will be there to chat & also be bringing along AmbaSat-1 Space Satellite kits and other goodies. Please come along and say hello. We will be in the US for a week from November 18th so if you’re in Texas or Nevada and would like to meet, please drop us an email.  

During our US trip, we will also be meeting with InterOrbital Systems in Nevada and discussing what we need to do in order to launch in Q1 of 2020. This will involve setting up a US company, liaising with the FCC and meeting their launch criteria. More on this after our meeting in November.

The messageboard is currently in maintenance mode whilst we apply latest patches. Apologies for this, we will have it up and running as soon as possible. 

Marcel has been busy on the AmbaSat Dashboard and has most of the main ‘Dashboard’ windows implemented and working now on the detail screens. 

Indiegogo backers: Apologies that you have not received your sensor choice form. We misundersood the Indiegogo process and you do not need a form. So, what’s required for Indiegogo backers is to visit this page:


Then select which sensor(s) you would like and email Jenny at: jenny@ambasat.com with your choice.

There are still about 20 Lickstarter backers who have still to choose their sensors. If you’re one of them, please complete the form.

Latest AmbaSat-1 board and solarboard designs are available from the AmbaSat GitHub page at:


Sensor ‘daughterboards’ will be uploaded as soon as we’ve completed tests.

The AmbaSat team.