AmbaSat in Education – STEM Course

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Students from The Mosslands School complete the AmbaSat "Build Your Own Space Satellite" Course Not even the sky is the limit for thirty lucky students at The Mosslands School, Wirral.…

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Backer Update March 2021

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Dear all, We're pleased to announce that 95% of kits have now shipped. If you have not received your kit yet, then: a) You may be part of the GPS…

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AmbaSat-1 Deployer #001 Delivered

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This week we received the first of three AmbaSat-1 Deployer modules. Many thanks to our local firm Prest Engineering for the excellent work in laser-cutting and fabricating these engineering marvels.…

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BBC Radio York AmbaSat interview

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Great interview on BBC Radio York with Beth McCarthy and Richard Osborne talking about AmbaSat, Mars and staking a Yorkshire claim on the moon for AmbaSat's 2024 moon mission. #yorkshireonthemoon…

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Tago Custom Dashboard by Fredric Raab

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AmbaSat-1 backer Fredric Raab uses to create his custom Dashboard. Raab says that also stores the data for 30 days and enables you to download data as a…

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