Exciting news for all our backers! Satellite parts have been arriving thick and fast this week from various different suppliers (see images below). We now have AmbaSat-1 mainboards, solarboards, all the sensor boards (YES!), transceiver chips, CH340 programmers and more!

Sensor boards 01 (SHT30-DIS-F2.5KS), 02 (STS21) and 04 (OPT3001DNPT) have passed all tests with the other sensor board results due very soon.

As mentioned in the previous update, we will be shipping kits on a per-sensor type basis, starting with Sensor 01 kits and closely followed by 02 and 04 sensor kits.

Those backers who requested a Sensor 01 Kit (not assembled) should already have received an email from Jenny regarding confirmation of your sensor choice plus a request to answer some questions:

Do you require pre-assembled MCU & Gyro or are you happy to assemble yourself. It’s important we get an answer to this before we can dispatch. Those of you choosing to fully-self assemble will get your kit sooner. For those requiring pre-assembled MCU & Gyro, these will be built at Mowden using the same batch run as that for the fully assembled satellites. That batch run is to be scheduled.

For backers of other sensor types, please don’t despair, your sensor shipments will be hot on the heels of this first batch. Please look out for the email with sensor confirmation, any extra sensor payment requirements and the same question regarding MCU & Gyro assembly.

Also happening concurrently is completion of the AmbaSat Dashboard and TTN integration.

As always, thank you for your support. We are getting very close to the end of this phase of the AmbaSat-1 project and very soon it will be over to each of you to get your satellite ready for the rocket launch!

AmbaSat-1 Satellite and boards
CH340 ATMEGA chip programmers
LoRaWAN Transceivers
AmbaSat-1 Motherboard and Solarboard
AmbaSat-1 sensor range
AmbaSat-1 Solarpanels