It’s been another busy week. We’ve met with a component supplier to discuss prices for a range of components, including the transceiver. We’ve also received a quotation for PCB assembly which looks very good. We’re still waiting on the ‘traffic light’ results from the UK Space Agency and will be chasing up this coming week.

We’ve contacted a fulfilment company regarding packaging and despatch of the kits. Discussions are ongoing.

There have been some great idea exchanges on the AmbaSat forum and we’re currently reviewing the options regarding GPS and communications with the TTN Gateways. More on this when we have a firmer idea of the best way forward.

The priority is to finalise the PCB design which will allow us to get the sensor choices out to everyone.

TrisolX delivered to us the first batch of space-grade solar panels. They are very fragile and we already broke two of them. Because of this, we think it might be better to supply the solar panels pre-mounted and John has designed a separate solar mounting PCB. This has gone off to manufacture and we should get the prototypes back next week and will test. They will be mounted using a silver conductive adhesive epoxy.

Best regards,

The AmbaSat Team