We are seeking a Trainee Space Satellite Engineer to join the team at AmbaSat. If you know of someone who may be interested, please see the job post details below.

Trainee Engineer required for a career in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space satellite development, including embedded software and hardware. Also prototype manufacturing and assembly.

The role will involve the development of the next product in the AmbaSat satellite range, including the following technological features:

• Satellite board design (Eagle/CAD)
• Radio transceiver and communications (LoRaWAN, TTN)
• Solar cell power (analysis and performance)
• Microcontroller (ARM & ATMEGA chips)
• Coding (Visual Studio, C++)
• Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer development
• Sensors (GPS, Gas, CO2, UV light, GPS, TVOC, etc)
• Onboard camera module, LENS and band filters

The successful candidate will develop knowledge and skills in electronics, mathematics, IT, problem-solving, engineering, communications and space technology.

AmbaSat’s satellites are used to measure and monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, Co2, gas, pressure and ambient light and provide the end-user with an educational tool for studying the environmental impact of gases, radiation, global warming etc.

This is an exciting and varied opportunity, suitable for an enthusiastic individual who is looking for a career in the Space industry.