We’re still finalising the structure for the AmbaSat-1 Github repository, apologies for the delay. We want it to be correct from the start so getting the structure right is key.

However, we know that some of you are waiting for the board specification and source so have uploaded the Eagle source files to the below link. The firmware source will follow but we are hoping to have this on Github tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Eagle files:


Please note, these are very early PROTOTYPE designs and WILL change. Particularly, the size will be modified to fit 35 mm x 35 mm. The mounting hole for the spring-loaded launch will also change. And of course we’re currently adding the GPS module.

Github will have documentation on how to use. We’re also moving source development from ATOM/PlatformIO to Visual Studio. For those using the Arduino IDE, we’ll have a separate section.

Best regards,