We’ve been working hard this week to ship the third batch of AmbaSat-1 Satellite Kits. Our PCB supplier is now back online but not yet fully operational. We will be ramping-up deliveries as more supplies start to come through.

For those backers who’ve specified a KIT and are in one of the below sensor groups, look out for your shipping email and please reply with any additions or updates to your order. No response needed if you’re already happy with everything as originally ordered.

We are now processing the following ‘KIT’ groups. If your kit is in one of the below sensor groups, you should have received your shipping email already.

  • Sensor 02 – STS21
  • Sensor 04 – OPT3001
  • Sensor 06 – SI1132

All being well, we hope to push the button on assembled AmbaSat-1 Satellites this coming week. More on that once we have the goahead.

For those in the following sensor groups:

  • Sensor 03 – BME680
  • Sensor 05 – ZMOD4410
  • Sensor 07 – TVOC

We’ll shortly be emailing with details on how to pay the additional costs for these sensors. Please look out for that email.

For those who’ve ordered Sensor 08 – GPS: We’re sorry but this sensor is delayed. We are having problems due to the small size and scarce availablity of some of the components. This is preventing us from fully testing the board. We’ll have a separate update on this sensor shortly.

The coming few weeks are as busy as ever. We have a visit to Skyrora in Scotland next week. As some may know, last year AmbaSat Ltd signed a LOI with Skyrora Ltd to launch AmbaSat Satellites from their facility in Scotland. More on Skyrora here: View Skyrora – Full report and update will be posted following the meeting.

The AmbaSat-1 Satellite System ten week educational course

We are very excited to announce that the AmbaSat-1 ten-week educational course will begin at Egglescliffe School and Sixth Form College, starting on the 28th February. More on this nearer the launch.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in the satellite course from all over the world, including the USA, Brasil, Germany, Australia and UAE to name just a few. Once we’ve delivered the first course, we will be making the full course available online. Watch this space.

And finally, it goes without saying: thank you so much for your vision, belief and support.

The AmbaSat Team.

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