Hi All,

Just a quick update as we’ve been on the road this past week promoting AmbaSat. More details and a fuller update will follow this weekend when we return.

Briefly, we are all set for the SpaceCom Expo in Houston, Texas next week. 20 – 21 November. Come along and chat with Martin & John from AmbaSat. Our booth number is 655, just in front of the NASA booth.

We’ve got 7 of the 8 daughterboard sensor designs done and ordered. They will undergo some testing. The final board – the GPS board – requires lots of additional components and we are working on that right now.

Some have asked when we will be delivering the kits. We’ll have a further update on that this coming weekend. In summary, though we’re getting very close.

We have also set up an American company and will be discussing licensing next week whilst in the US.

As ever, thank you for your support and patience.

The AmbaSat team.